Why Niches Can Bring You Riches

by Damon G. Zahariades

If you've been around the marketing block, you know how crowded it's become around here. Everyone is busy trying to make cashola by selling "how to make mone*y" information to people in the marketing arena.

Doesn't that sound a little incestuous to you?

So, I'm going to give you some advice that will set you free.

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If you're getting frustrated because you're having trouble building your business in the marketing arena, you need to look at niche markets.

Niche markets can be MUCH more profitable. They're much easier to dominate. And you don't have to compete with every Tom, Dick and Sally who's heard that there's money to make online.

So, let's look at a few reasons why Niches Can Bring You Riches.

1. Niche Markets Are Not Used To Savvy Marketing

The marketing village is filled with some of the best marketers online. These are folks who live, breathe and sleep "marketing."

So, if you're trying to write an ebook about how to make mone*y and you plan to promote your ebook to the marketing village, you'd better be ready to fight an uphill battle.

Niche markets are often untampered. These lonely little islands of profit haven't seen a lot of savvy marketing. So, when you apply some of your tactics in your pursuit to dominate these niche markets, they submit to your power easily.

2. Most Niche Markets Are Virgin Territory For Savvy Marketers

As I mentioned, some of these niche markets have never seen some of the marketing strategies you've learned. To these markets, you're the conquering settlers from a strange, distant land.

Here in the marketing village, if you get a sequence of e-mails that promote a product, you already know intuitively (I hope) how that sequence was created, why it was created and how profitable is could potentially be.

But, in a lot of niche markets, if you send out an automated sequence of e-mails that promote something, a lot of the folks won't know it's automated. They're not familiar with autoresponders. Heck, they'll likely think you're sitting at your computer manually sending them e-mails! (I have some funny e-mails from people in my niche markets that prove this happens!)

3. The Signal To Noise Ratio Is Better In Niche Markets

With all of the mega-product launches that have happened over the past 18 months, the marketing village has been flooded with tons of e-mails promoting stuff.

Inboxes have become so congested lately that a lot of folks simply ignore e-mail from marketers these days. (It's a really bad idea to ignore these e-mails, but I'll leave that topic for another article.)

E-mail gets ignored largely because there's too much noise and not enough signal.

Niche markets don't suffer from this promotional congestion. A lot of the content that exists in these markets is pure "signal." These markets still read their e-mail. They still click links. They still buy stuff because they believe the bulleted benefits on your sales pages!

Remember, a lot of these markets are unexplored. So, they're not flooded with marketing messages. For example, Aunt Mary may love armadillos. But, she doesn't have 40 savvy marketers (each with their own autoresponder sequence) trying to sell her a book on how to make her armadillo salsa dance.

Last Thoughts

Niche markets can be extremely profitable. If you have spent most of your time trying to market to the marketing village, stop. Take a breath. Change your business plan a little.

Now, take all of those great techniques and strategies that you've learned and honed and go conquer some unexplored niche territory.

There's money in them thar niches!

That's it for now. See you next time!

Damon G. Zahariades

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