Recommended Products and Services

Welcome to the "Web Business Today!" resources page. Down below, you'll find a list of products, services and other resources that I strongly recommend you take a look at. I use these resources to make my full-time living online.

Some cost money. Some are absolutely free.

When I see a resource that has a ton of potential, I'll add it to the list below along with my thoughts on it.

Here's a list of what you should be looking at right now...


Third Sphere Hosting is one of the most reliable hosts I've worked with (and I've worked with nearly 40 hosts). This is the host that "Web Business Today!" and "The Special Report Bible" is hosted on. I've been with them for several years and have no plans to switch for these sites. Great uptime and great support.

List-Building and Autoresponders

Jimmy knows everything about list-building. I've been in the marketing game since the late 1990's and I'm still blown away by how fresh and new some of Jimmy's e-mail strategies are. He now has a membership site where he details (and I'm talking about extreme detail) his strategies. At the price he's charging, his membership site is the best bargain in the marketing arena. If you're interested in building e-mail lists (and you should be interested in this), I seriously recommend that you join.

Here is the e-mail system that I'm using to grow, maintain and manage my lists (including "Web Business Today!"). It has all of the features that I personally find important (such as automatically placing customers on a different list than prospects, easy ad tracking, etc.). They have great customer support and excellent training materials (including videos) to get you and your lists up and running. I use them and have no plans to switch.

Keyword Research

Here is the granddaddy of the keyword research tools. Every serious marketer should have a subscription to this service. If you build Adsense sites, content sites, create PPC campaigns or are researching a market for an Underachiever site, you should have a subscription. I've had an annual subscription for several years and can't imagine building my business without it.

Overture is great for quick and broad market research. You won't find the data you need to actually succeed in the market. You need other tools for that kind of analysis. But, if you want to figure out if a market has potential, this is a great place to start. I use it myself nearly every day.

Search Engine Optimization

Jeff Johnson is one of the savviest SEO's in the search engine game. Black hat... white hat... grey hat... it doesn't matter. If you want tons of free traffic from the search engines, Jeff is the guy to look for. I'm a member of his private coaching club where he spills the beans about search engines, Adsense, affiliate marketing, list-building and how to combine them all into effective traffic systems.

Planet Ocean has been publishing their monthly newsletter for several years. If you go through their archives, you'll notice how they have accurately called search engine trends since the beginning. I've had a subscription for a long time and know lots of other SEOs (both black hat and white hat) who swear by it, too. The newsletter covers every aspect of search engine marketing... from organic search to PPC. If you do any SEM and SEO, you should get a subscription. It's some of the best money you'll spend in building your business.

Adwords Training

Perry Marshall has been king of the mountain in the Adwords world for a long time. And his book is an essential training guide if you're cutting your teeth on Adwords. When I first bought it a few years ago, I was amazed at how well Perry had explained his Adwords strategy. The latest edition (I bought that, too) is nearly twice as big. It will cut a ton of time (and lost dollars) from the Adwords learning curve.

Here is where you can get the latest news on Adwords. There is some great content in there, but you will need to sift around a bit to find it. Some of the participants really know their stuff. And, of course, there are plenty of knuckleheads, too. If you are short on funds, but have tons of time, you can start here.

Blog-Building and RSS

This blog-builder is one of the best tools I've used. I bought it when it first launched and use it today on hundreds of blogs. If you want to build blogs (and blog farms) to get your sites spidered and indexed, this is a MUST HAVE tool.

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